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Looking for a talent pipeline to satisfy your workforce needs?

UAEC Pathway students are:

  • Motivated students that want to earn while they learn on the job
  • Dedicated students that need your help preparing them for a career with you
  • Top of their class prepared students looking for internship opportunities

Worried about having a minor as an intern?

Because UAEC Pathway is recognized as a work-based learning program, any 16–18-year-old students enrolled in the Pathway fall under the Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act, Title 29 exception for prohibited job tasks for minors. Simply stated: students can be on “hazardous” job sites because it is essential to their learning.

The definition of a work-based learning program is that it coordinates structured and supervised learning activities between an employer and an educational institution. The setting must extend the classroom into the workplace or provide the student with an applied workplace experience.

In order for students to have a Title 29 exception, a work-based learning (WBL) program contract must be in place. A WBL program contract coordinates structured and supervised learning activities between an employer, educational institution and student. A WBL program extends the classroom to the job site (or equivalent), using a skills grid to measure performance while providing an applied workplace experience for the student learner. To find out more about WBL Programs and WBL toolbox resources, please see

How to Join

Wondering how to join Utah’s AEC Pathway as an Industry Partner? How to access over 1000+ students taking courses in Architecture, Engineering and Construction, looking for internship opportunities and success in the AEC industry? 

What we ask from you: 

  1. Provide internship opportunities
  2. Participate in recruitment events

How to Register as a Partner

Step 1: Fill out the registration form to join Utah’s AEC Pathway as an industry partner. 

Step 2: A Utah’s AEC Pathway representative will follow-up with you.

Step 3: Email your logo you would like to see below as an industry partner to


Early access to recruitment opportunities specific to our industry such as:

Industry Partner Engagement Opportunities

Get Started

For more information and contacts for industry job shadows and internships please fill out this form. You will be contacted in 7-10 days.