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Interested in buildings, design and how parts and pieces go together? Want a high-paying, high-potential and highly rewarding career? Consider the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry where you can say:

“I designed that. I built that.”

Students take classes at their high school, tech college, college, or university.

Many of these classes are concurrent enrollment courses, offering college credit at a highly discounted rate ($5 per credit hour vs $500-$700 if you wait until college).

What's In It For You?

  • Get hired faster upon completion of 1 of 10 track options
  • Earn an industry recognized certificate to jump start your career
  • Start at up to $5 more per hour
  • Earn while you learn on the job
  • Graduate DEBT-FREE

High Demand, High Pay, and High Potential AEC Careers


Are you always tinkering with objects? Do people ask for your help with fixing mechanical things? Look into becoming a plumber!

AVG. SALARY: $59,627 hourly: $28.67/hr

HVAC Technician

Are you interested in model building or have coined yourself Mr. or Mrs. Fix It? HVAC may be perfect for you!

AVG. SALARY: $65,300 hourly: $31.39/hr


If you’re into sound systems, robotics or tinkering with wires, you should think about a career as an electrician.

AVG. SALARY: $67,265 hourly: $32.33/hr


Do you like building, traveling and being outdoors? Why not consider a career that is fun and offers financial freedom.

avg. salary: $56,877 avg. hourly: $27.34/hr


Encompasses skills like framing. siding, woodworking and furniture design. If a mix of traditional building techniques and modern design tools sounds interesting then the Wood-Working track could be for you.

AVG. SALARY: $43,800
hourly: $21.06/hr

Interior Designer

Are you addicted to HGTV shows like “Property Brothers” and “Flip or Flop”? Do you love bringing spaces to life with color, texture and design? Interior Design may be your perfect fit!

AVG. SALARY: $57,696 hourly: $27.74/hr

Heavy Equipment Operator

Do you have an interest in operating dump trucks, bulldozers or other vehicles classified as heavy machinery?

AVG. SALARY: $60,828 hourly: $29.24/hr


Do you see beauty in buildings? Do you like to design? Careers in Architecture may be your path to see your ideas become a reality!

AVG. SALARY: $87,500 hourly: $42.07/hr

Construction Management

Do you like to work with your hands and others to complete large, complex problems? Are you a planner, coordinator and motivator? Managing a construction site may be right up your alley!

AVG. SALARY: $57,910 hourly: $27.84/hr

Civil Engineering

Do you take joy in designing and executing plans? Would you like to see your ideas built right in front of your eyes? Civil Engineering combines math and physics to shape the buildings around us.

AVG. SALARY: $63,960 hourly: $30.75/hr

Facilities Management

Do others seek your guidance to complete group assignments or project-based tasks? Project managers are essential to completing projects on time and on budget.

AVG. SALARY: $57,910 hourly: $27.84/hr


Welding applications are a core part of thousands of different manufacturing and construction processes. As such, experienced welders are always in-demand and command high wages.

AVG. SALARY: $46,220
hourly: $22.22/hr

How To Participate

Step 1: Pick one of the UAEC Pathway Tracks listed below

Step 2: Complete the required classes for your track at your high school, tech college, college or university

Step 3: Meet with your CTE Coordinator to set up a 40 hour internship

Your certificate of completion guarantees you a job interview and potential higher starting wage so you can earn while you learn on the job in your career path

UAEC Pathway Tracks

Want more information? Find your CTE Coordinator.